It’s gotten a little chilly this morning…46 degrees at 6AM. With the onset of Fall, the big yellow buses begin to patrol our little town.

I saw our neighbors, Craig and Courtney out last Tuesday morning, hand in hand with their oldest son, Charlie. Charlie was all spiffed up wearing his brand new school clothes…he was actually had on a real shirt and long pants, quite different from the normal summer wear of shorts, tank top and flip flops. They were waiting for the school bus as ...Continued

When I decided to write my first probate book
six years ago, I had a couple of choices. I could
have written the book and taken it to a publishing
company to see if I could get it published…or I could
publish it myself and market it on the Internet.

I chose door number two…and boy I’m glad I did.

However, I knew I had one BIG problem with my choice.
I didn’t know A THING about the Internet or how to
build a website or how to market my ...Continued

On Saturday, I learned a friend of mine had died. I
was really startled as I had never given any thought
to him not being around. He was 82 but I just
assumed he’d see 100…he was that tough.

Now “friend” might be a little bit of a stretch as I
hadn’t seen him in quite a few years…but I still
considered him my friend. I’m pretty sure I could
have picked up the phone and after a little work I
could have gotten my call ...Continued

Thanks to all of you who mailed me your good
wishes yesterday. I appreciate that you took
time out of your busy day to write.

One of the hidden benefits of my recovery
period is I have had major quiet time.

Lot’s of time to myself.

One of the problems with our fast paced and
media rich life style that we all experience
is that quiet time is rare.

We’ve got Facebook, smart phones, text messaging,
Twitter, TV, email and appointments by ...Continued

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